Friday, 20 November 2009

Kandy Rain : Only 2 acts said good-bye when we left

Kandy Rain were on Xpose this evening and revealed that only Jedward and one other act (who we are guesing is Jamie Archer) said goodbye and wished them well when they left the house.

The girls Chemmane Applewhaite, Coco Lloyd, Azi Jegbefume and Khatereh Dovani had nothing but praise for John and Edward and said the two boys helped them pack their things on the morning they left.

Xpose is an entertainment show on Irish TV station TV3.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Kandy Rain to Return to X-Factor

No they haven't been given a s surprise entry back in to the competition, but the gorgeous four are back for X-Factor's annual Charity week.

The girls, Coco Lloyd, Azi Jegbefume, Chemmane Applewhaite, Khatereh Dovani and the 11 other X Factor finalists have recorded a version of Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Alone to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

On Sunday, the finalists will perform the song for the first time on the live results show, before the single goes on sale on November 16.

In a interview with her local newspaper Chemmane Applewhaite talked about the importance of the single: “We went to Great Ormond Street Hospital and it was a real eye- opener. It was sad but it was very rewarding. It puts your life into perspective. We were singing karaoke with all the children.”

Kandy Rain have just one line in the song, but Chemmane said she was just happy to be involved.

She added: “It’s about raising money for charity. I’m looking forward to going back on the X Factor. We still stay in touch with everyone in the house.”

Friday, 6 November 2009

Kandy Rain's Coco Lloyd and Jamie Archer seeing each other.

It was the least well kept secret in the house that Jamie Archer was head over heels in love (or may be even lust) with Kandy Rain's Coco Lloyd.

As the say love will always find a way and it looks like it has for the X-Factor couple. The 3am column of the Daily Mirror reports

Jamie Archer has been snapped getting cosy with X Factor reject Coco Lloyd on what looks like a romantic date.

Jamie, 35, has made no attempt to hide his crush on the Kandy Rain singer, who was voted out after the first live show.

The rocker was so taken with Coco, 22, that he would get tongue tied around her – much to the amusement of the other hopefuls.

At the time, Lucie Jones told “Jamie really fancies Coco. He goes all coy and sweet – he doesn’t know what to say to her.

“It’s so funny – we just laugh.”

But it looks like Jamie has finally worked his charm on the blonde, with the pair getting spotted as they snuggled up in a north London pub.

After laughing together over a few drinks, the couple later moved to a booth at the back of the bar, where they enjoyed a nice cuddle.