Saturday, 31 October 2009

Be the first to get the X-Factor 2009 single - 'You Are Not Alone'

Every year the X-Factor contestants come together to record a charity single and this year's single is almost ready.

The Single features all 12 of the X-Factor Finalists

Danyl Johnson
Lloyd Daniels
Lucie Jones
Jamie "Afro" Archer
Joe McElderry
John and Edward Grimes (The Twins)
Kandy Rain (Coco, Azi, Khatereh, Chemmane)
Miss Frank (Graziella, Shar, Shaniece)
Olly Murs
Rachel Adedeji
Rikki Loney
Stacey Solomon
The song, a cover of Michael Jackson's You are not alone, will raise vital funds for the Great Ormond Hospital in London which over the years has treated thousands of children from the UK and across the world. A powerful message that no matter how bad things are they are not alone.

To order your copy:

Click to buy the X-Factor Charity Single from (Free Delivery available)

Not less than £1 from the sale of each CD will be paid to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Be part of what will be one of the biggest charity drives in the UK this year by ordering the Single which will be released on November 16th

Friday, 30 October 2009

Kandy Rain were not booed says club manager

Reports that Kandy Rain were booed when they made a live appearance at Kingston’s McCluskys nightclub on Saturday have been denied. The manager Mark Byford came to their defence saying They weren’t booed at all.

"They were really nice girls and sang four songs. They were on stage for about 15 minutes and went down well.

"I thought we’d have loads of guys turn up to see them but there was actually lots of girls."

Well let's hope it true cause Miss Frank are heading down there shortly as as part of a deal secured by the club’s group where X-Factor contestants will each perform there the week after leaving the show.

Mr Byford said: "The X Factor is great for us, especially in the run up to Christmas and during the recession. It’s just great entertainment."

Tickets are available on the door but visit to guarantee entry.

Monday, 26 October 2009

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Kandy Rain's tour gets off to bad start

Oh-oh it looks like Kandy Rain's much touted "global" tour is getting off on the right footing.

Heat Magazine reports that their outing at McClusky's club in Kingston, Surrey ended in disarray as the girls were booed so badly by the audience that they were forced to flee the stage.

That's a damn shame, I bet they never got that at Secrets.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Kandy Rain hit the road...

After their early exit form the X-Factor finals it looks like Kandy Rain are about to prove a point, The girls Coco Lloyd, Azi Jegbefume, Khatereh Dovani,Chemmane Applewhaite have lined up a series of gigs across the country.

The shows a mixture of personal appearances (PA's) and live shows have bee released on their website.

Friday 16
Oceana- Southampton – With Bad Lashes and James McVey

Club Revenge- Brighton

Saturday 17
G-A-Y- London
McCluskys- Kingston

Monday 19
Tramps- Worcester

Tuesday 20
Evolution- Leeds

Wednesday 21

Escapade- Barnsley

Thursday 22
00:00 Syndicate- Blackpool
01:45 Escapade- Chesterfield

Friday 23
02:00 Powerhouse- Newcastle
Viper Rooms- Harrogate

Saturday 24

Nightingales- Birmingham
Pure- Manchester
Halo- Warrington

Monday 26

Privilage- Sunderland

Saturday 31

22:30 Zanzibar- Leicester
23:30 Halo- Nottingham

Saturday 7

Syndicate- Bristol
The Venue- Cardiff

Friday 13
Butlins- Skegness

Saturday 14
QI- Mansfield

Their website advises anyone interested to contact the venues direct. Hope it works out for them cos this is the real life for hundreds of struggling artistes and it is a tough slog compared to the glitz of X-Factor.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Kandy Rain dare to bare...

After complaints that they were coerced into their more raunchier outfits by X-Factor bosses, the girls seem to be doing jut that on their own accord. At their recent appearance at Soho's G.A.Y. nightclub, the girls skimpy outfit left little to the imagination.

Kandy Rain Coco Lloyd, Azi Jegbefume, Khatereh Dovani and Chemmane Applewhite caused caused controversy at this years X-Factor when it was revealed they worked as Lap Dancers at Secrets club in Hammersmith.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Kandy Rain unhappy over X-Factor treatment

Kandy Rain are unhappy over their treatment on the reality TV talent show The X-Factor and claimed the show is fixed. The girls who were the first performers to be kicked off last weekend have claimed their past as strippers was unnecessarily being brought up and this hampered their chances in the show.

They were also bitter that the rift with fellow contestant Danyl Johnson being made public.

The full report of Kandy Rain's unhappiness is in today's Metro

Kandy Rain are first out. on X-Factor 2009

Girl Group Kandy Rain were the first performers to be voted off X-Factor 2009. The girls along with Rachel Adedeji received the fewest votes after Saturdays night's performance by all twelve acts.

Kandy Rain had performed Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love

The Judges were split on the performance with Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh happy but both Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue focused on the girl's styling claiming it detracted from their music and focused on the past that Kandy Rain wanted to leave behind.

However the fate of the girls was not in the hands of the Judges but the voters and the voters sided with Cheryl and Dannii and voted Kandy Rain in the bottom two.

It was now Kandy Rain versus Rachel Adedeji in the sing-off battle to survive. The girls were free to sing their own choice of song to sway the audience and they chose Christina Aguilera's Fighter

With Louis away in Spain following the death of Stephen Gately the only Judges on Sunday's result show were Simon, Cheryl and Dannii and if majority agreed on an act to send home that would be the end.

Louis's vote in his absence went to Kandy Rain as their mentor, Simon also voted for the girls while both Dannii and Cheryl voted for Rachel. With the Judges split equally the decision went back to the public and the public decided it was the end of the road for Kandy Rain

Friday, 9 October 2009

Kandy Rain ; Performing before X-Factor fame.

The Kandy Rain girls ( Azi Jegbefume, Coco Lloyd, Chemmane Applewhaite and Khatereh Dovani) give an acapella performance in the days before X-Factor fame has made them household names.

Kandy Rain perform at Louis Walsh's Italian Palace

This performance of Papparazzi by Lady Gaga saw the group selected by X-Factor Judge Louis Walsh to get through to the X-Factor final

Kandy Rain will never strip again...

X-Factor finalists Kandy Rain have said they will never strip again. The group who are Azi Jegbefume, 25, Khatereh Dovani, 24, Chemmane Applewhaite, 27, and Coco Lloyd, 22 have said the days of £30 pound lap Dances are over in a interview given to The Sun