Friday, 30 October 2009

Kandy Rain were not booed says club manager

Reports that Kandy Rain were booed when they made a live appearance at Kingston’s McCluskys nightclub on Saturday have been denied. The manager Mark Byford came to their defence saying They weren’t booed at all.

"They were really nice girls and sang four songs. They were on stage for about 15 minutes and went down well.

"I thought we’d have loads of guys turn up to see them but there was actually lots of girls."

Well let's hope it true cause Miss Frank are heading down there shortly as as part of a deal secured by the club’s group where X-Factor contestants will each perform there the week after leaving the show.

Mr Byford said: "The X Factor is great for us, especially in the run up to Christmas and during the recession. It’s just great entertainment."

Tickets are available on the door but visit to guarantee entry.

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