Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Kandy Rain are first out. on X-Factor 2009

Girl Group Kandy Rain were the first performers to be voted off X-Factor 2009. The girls along with Rachel Adedeji received the fewest votes after Saturdays night's performance by all twelve acts.

Kandy Rain had performed Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love

The Judges were split on the performance with Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh happy but both Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue focused on the girl's styling claiming it detracted from their music and focused on the past that Kandy Rain wanted to leave behind.

However the fate of the girls was not in the hands of the Judges but the voters and the voters sided with Cheryl and Dannii and voted Kandy Rain in the bottom two.

It was now Kandy Rain versus Rachel Adedeji in the sing-off battle to survive. The girls were free to sing their own choice of song to sway the audience and they chose Christina Aguilera's Fighter

With Louis away in Spain following the death of Stephen Gately the only Judges on Sunday's result show were Simon, Cheryl and Dannii and if majority agreed on an act to send home that would be the end.

Louis's vote in his absence went to Kandy Rain as their mentor, Simon also voted for the girls while both Dannii and Cheryl voted for Rachel. With the Judges split equally the decision went back to the public and the public decided it was the end of the road for Kandy Rain

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